Eyebeam Student Residents Caroline Spivack, Jade Highleyman, Luther Cherry, Spencer Brown, and Zoe Penina Baker are working with artists Doris Cacoilo and Sonali Sridhar and gardener / window farmer Maya Nayak to workshop a guerrilla gardening adventure.

MetaFlora reminds us of the mystery and irony that is Urban Wilderness. Paper flowers mark the urban landscape to remind us of what we suppress with concrete and glass. This project is meant to reintroduce aspects of nature that have been swallowed up by the Urban jungle. All materials are 100% biodegradable and the majority are post consumer. Using newspaper and tissue paper we will create carnation like flowers with small plant pods attached to the center of the flower. The result will be a life like environmentally friendly flower/planter, to decorate and contribute to the sometimes drab setting of the urban environment.

TUTORIAL (Spencer’s fantastic instructions for best newspaper flowers):

  1. Cut Newspaper and tissue paper into approximately 10″ squares
  2. Pile ~3 sheets of newspaper and 2 sheets tissue
  3. Fan fold the pages in 3/4 inch folds.
  4. Loop a ~15″ wire securely across the middle of the fan folded paper.
  5. Pull the sheets of paper apart carefully to create a puff of paper petals. Style and mold as needed to make exceptionally good looking.
  6. Place flower on urban streets to remind pedestrians about flowers and wilderness and the irony of wilderness in urban space. Choose locations that seem most appropriate and place flowers in large groups or “fields” for maximum effect.
  7. Separate paper
  8. The flowers create a container for seeds and some potting soil mix. Place seeds/seedlings and soil into the flower before or after placing them in their new environment. Allow to grow.